Fluffy Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

Jon and I live in a slightly strange world.  Though, technically speaking, we all live slightly strangely.

How is our world strange?  Well, one reason, among many rest assured, is the lack of a few standard American household items/gadgets in our lives.  We don’t have a TV, nor a microwave, and lack smart phones.

But this is the story of the one thing I have discovered I cannot live without. The dishwasher.  When I first moved in with Jon to our apartment there was no dishwasher and since we are always experimenting in the kitchen there were always lots of dishes.  Slowly I started to hate those dishes more and more.  It was a never ending pile.  My hands would get wrinkly and I was spending over an hour per day at the sink.
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A Giveaway (updated with winner)!

Well, the moment has arrived for the unveiling of a new look.

Jon and I have been working on the redesign of this blog for 5+ months.  Well, working isn’t exactly the correct word.  More like thinking about it, and working on bits of it here and there. We now have a favorite blog’s list, a facebook fan page, an Amazon store where you can shop all of our beloved kitchen items, an RSS feed for your blog reader, a pinterest page, and a search box.

To celebrate such a joyous occasion, I am personally sponsoring our first ever giveaway.   What I am giving away is nothing that you can purchase at a store, but instead something made by me for you with much love.

The winner of this giveaway will receive two dozen decorated sugar cookies made in our little kitchen and mailed to anywhere in the USA, Puerto Rico, England, or Guatemala. The exact design will be a surprise for you to discover in your mailbox.
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5 Days in Cancun and Isla Mujeres

I must admit that when my parents first suggested meeting in Cancun during Easter I was not automatically sold on the idea.  My entire perception of Cancun centers around MTV Spring Break.  Back in the day my sister and I would spend Spring Break on the couch eating raw pasta watching teens go crazy in Cancun.  Cancun is for you to go loco, that’s all I understood about this foreign place.

But I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to spend time with my parents and the sun.  So on the plane I got and met my parents and two of their friends in the land of Cancun.  It didn’t take much to convince me that Cancun was it, it simply took walking into our room and seeing the view.  The Cancun beach is more than noteworthy; it expands infinitely with gorgeous turquoise waters and pristine white sand.
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Easter Bunny and Egg Sugar Cookies

I ran.

Yes, I know, it’s truly shocking.  So much so that I broke down into tears after I finished the race.  I was overwhelmed and elated.

For as long as I remember I have always been impressed by runners.   Folks that are willing to go through the pain and hardwork to achieve that final goal.  There is the resolution on their face, their pumping arms, their outstretched legs.

During my first year as an AmeriCorps with Habitat for Humanity in our small bio’s I wrote, “I love runners” as my final statement about myself.  Yet, I had never ever ran, I couldn’t get myself off the couch, I just observed in awe from afar.

In high school we had the infamous mile run, man I hated and dreaded that day.  It was so awful that once at the end of the run I told my friend that I had never seen the grass turn neon green before, she kindly told me the grass was not neon green and steered me towards the nurse.
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