Twenty-Six Hours in Portland

Alongside the stories of food and making your tummy happy I will be sharing travels to here and there.  My problem lies in that I am awful in taking pictures when I am traveling.  So, for your sake and my memories sake, I am making a renewed effort to start snapping more.  And along the way I hope to improve those photography skills that are quite lacking.  Seriously, I had no idea what ISO or aperture where before starting this blog.  I have since then kind of figured out how to make the food thing work, but when I snap anything that isn’t food I am back at square one.

Alas, let me tell you about this trip, since I actually did snap a couple of pictures.

It all began on a rainy Seattle Thursday when I met up with my friend Tania out on the boat she lives on (living like a true Seattlite). Within an hour of me arriving and us chatting she convinced me to make a two-day rendezvous out to Portland.  As in leave the next morning.   You only live once, right?

This wasn’t my first saunter over to Portland, but hey, there is always something new to discover.  And there are always donuts to be enjoyed.  Voodoo donuts to be exact.  They are most famous for their maple bacon bar—yes it has slices of bacon on top.  Tania and I opted for the Voodoo dozen which consists of a random assortment of 12 donuts.  There is a full spectrum of options: donuts covered in mini M&M’s, Butterfinger crumbles, Captain Crunch, and the list continues.  Some were filled with cream and fruit jellies.  We ate donuts for breakfast for several days.  And, ahem, dinner.
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Cranberry Chocolate Chip Biscotti

This most certainly is not a parenting blog.  And I most certainly am not a parent.  This is very evident when you compare my pinterest to my sister-in-law’s pinterest which is chock full of fun, cute children crafts.  But, with that said, in my current temporary job I nanny different children in their respective homes.  Meaning, everyday I drive to a new location and watch a child whom I am a complete stranger to.

This little job has given me some major insight into how parents operate.  Let me rephrase that: how differently parents operate.

First, let’s talk changing diapers. Some people use changing tables, others just use a pad and do it on the floor, others on the bathroom counter, and then there are the ones that get their diaper changed while the toddler stands.
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Spinach Salad with Candied Walnuts and Honey Red Wine Vinaigrette

Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her…

Apologies, I currently have that song on constant repeat in my head.

Do you ever feel like something that should be relatively simple, very quickly becomes way too complicated.  Especially when it has to do with the government.   Ah, yes, my favorite, the government.

I think I’ve been reading The Hunger Games too much lately because that previous sentence made me scared that someone from the government would sense my sarcasm and come hunt me down.

By the way, The Hunger Games has had me in a drunken stupor for the past two weeks.   I can not stop reading those darn books.  It’s like crack. Actually, It’s more like when I read The Help.  When I stayed up until 3am on a Thursday reading and then dragged myself into the office the next morning, barely able to keep my eyes open.  Despite the droopy eyes, I may or may not have placed the book under my keyboard and just continued reading it for the rest of the day.
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