Hi! I’m Nalena and welcome to Chop, Stir, Eat.  I am continuously cooking up a storm in our tiny Seattle kitchen.  And was searching for a way to share my kitchen craziness with family and friends; thus the humble beginning of this blog.  My food mantra is characterized by Michal Pollan’s golden rule: “Eat Food, Not too much, Mostly plants.”  But, I am human, nevertheless and sometimes am tempted by that Oreo sitting in the lunch room.  And before you know it, I am munching it down like a beast. Yes, it’s true; I have a special affinity for the word “beast.”  It’s a lovely word.

My family hails from the island of Puerto Rico, and I will share some savory Puerto Rican dishes from time to time. I personally grew up all across the western hemisphere.  I was one confused child when someone asked me where I was from.  Actually, I still am. All of the running around has turned my life into a mish-mash of cultures and I wouldn’t change it.  I will share here some of the foods I’ve discovered and loved through my travels and moves.

I am married to a boy by the name of Jon.  Jon also loves to cook.  He likes to make complicated time consuming things, albeit delicious.  We will be making appearances with his concoctions from time to time.  He is also the computer guru behind this blog, programming the whole thing all on his own, with a little help from Google. I mean Bing.

If you have any questions about a recipe, prop, etc.  feel free to email me at: nalenas@gmail.com.