4 Days in Alaska

Our friends: “Do you guys want to go to Alaska before you leave to Paraguay?” Us: “Um, yes.”

We decided on a date, got on a plane and went to Fairbanks. And then three months later I finally took the time to share the pictures. I am very timely like that.

So, let’s talk Alaska and company. The scenery in Alaska is spectacular; the mountains, the snow, the vegetation, and the, uh, pipeline. We visited Denali National Park, which is larger than Massachuesetts, and houses Mt. McKinley—the tallest mountain in the USA. Except Mr. Mt. McKinley decided that this trip was not our time to see him, so he very adeptly hid behind the clouds. But the mountains that surround him were spectacular enough for me.

We also made a trip to the North Pole. That is, North Pole, Alaska, for those of you wondering. There you can see reindeer, Santa Claus’ house, candy cane lampposts, and a really giant paper mache Santa. You can also become acquainted with the actual pole that lies in the north. Many years ago two posts were made, one was dropped in the true North Pole and the other lives in Alaska.



Also, if you were unaware (as my ignorant self was), Fairbanks is very far north, as in within a hundred miles of the Artic Circle. As in all of the businesses are the northernmost in the entire world. We saw the northernmost Denny’s, Girl Scout Troop, and Thai restaurant. Everyone very proudly claims it on their signs. By the way, that Thai restaurant had the most delicious food ever. Yes, you need to go to Alaska for great Thai food. Or, I guess, you could go to Thailand. Your choice.

I have a confession to make. Not only am I ignorant, but I am judgmental. I will have one bad experience with something and then swear it off forever. This is what occurred with hot springs. I went to the grossest, filthiest hot springs in the state of Washington and when they were suggested for our trip to Fairbanks I argued strong and hard against it. But life is hard when you are one against five, so I lost that vote.

In the end, one of my favorite experiences were the hot springs. They were serene, clean, and warm. I learned my lesson. Maybe.

And of course, the best of all was the company. We joked, we cuddled, and played lots of card games. There is nothing better than good friends, who accept you just the way you are, no matter how strange you might be. And won’t tire of playing Spades. And love Ethiopian food.

Missing you guys.


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Missing you too, bonita! <3 Don't forget the ice museum, that was awesome too 🙂 I can't wait to hear about the adventures you've been having when we catch up with Jon this weekend.

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