Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Brownies

Today is a big, big day. Well, it actually happened 11 days ago, but we shall celebrate today instead.  It has officially been a year since the inception of this little blog.

As many of you know, before starting this blog I was an avid blog reader (and still am).  Reading those blogs pushed me to be more creative in the kitchen and try new things I had never done before, like cupcakes, sugar cookies, and cakes.  Despite my drive those first attempts were mostly disastrous. Very disastrous.

My sugar cookies would puff up, my frosting would droop in very sad manners, and my cake would stick to the pan.  But I was convinced that if all of these folks out there who were self-taught could do it, then I could too.  I kept trying, kept learning, and kept reading.   Slowly, I started having more successes than failures in the kitchen.  I can now bake and decorate sugar cookies, swirl frosting on cupcakes, and make a cake (even if it topples over).

This is not to say that I am a master at any of these things, but I am happy improving and continuing to try new techniques.