Mango-Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Paraguay is covered in mango trees and since arriving here I have been patiently awaiting the ripening of the mangos.  The time has finally come: it’s mango season!

There are two types of mangos that grow here, the little mango that grows on big mango trees and the big mango that grows on little mango trees.  The big mango trees are much more common than the little mango trees, which is unfortunate because the little mangos are very fibrous and not very pleasant to eat while the big mangos have no fiber, are juicy and delicious.

Jon and I unfortunately do not have a little mango tree in our yard, so to attain big mangos I came up with a simple strategy:  to tell every Paraguayan I know that I l-o-v-e big mangos.   After my mango campaign I stood at my door and waited to reap the benefits. Paraguayans didn’t disappoint; I received 12 big mangos in two days. Jon was amazed.