Spinach Salad with Candied Walnuts and Honey Red Wine Vinaigrette

Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her…

Apologies, I currently have that song on constant repeat in my head.

Do you ever feel like something that should be relatively simple, very quickly becomes way too complicated.  Especially when it has to do with the government.   Ah, yes, my favorite, the government.

I think I’ve been reading The Hunger Games too much lately because that previous sentence made me scared that someone from the government would sense my sarcasm and come hunt me down.

By the way, The Hunger Games has had me in a drunken stupor for the past two weeks.   I can not stop reading those darn books.  It’s like crack. Actually, It’s more like when I read The Help.  When I stayed up until 3am on a Thursday reading and then dragged myself into the office the next morning, barely able to keep my eyes open.  Despite the droopy eyes, I may or may not have placed the book under my keyboard and just continued reading it for the rest of the day.


Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Things just got cute around here.  Like way too cute.  As in red sprinkle hearts and gold disco dust cute.

But it’s all for a good reason, because it’s Valentine’s Day.  The day to celebrate love and kisses.  Throw some hugs in there too.

Usually, Jon and I are those people. You know, the ones that venture out to a nice restaurant with the fixed menu and every table packed.  And guess what?  Thus far, every one of those dinners has been lovely.

This year we did things a little differently, we opted for the apartment instead.  And I made dessert.  Except I ate it before Jon got home. These things happen.


Dark Chocolate Cake

This is the epic tale of Jon’s birthday cake.

Every year Jon and I make each other a cake for our birthdays.  This year Jon stated he wanted chocolate cake, so off I went to Sweetapolita’s blog to find the perfect cake to make him.


Spiced Yam Hummus

Have you been to a roller derby game?

You must go.

For some naïve reason I thought roller derby was simply lots of women skating round and round in a roller rink pushing each other around.  Ha, so far from the truth.  It’s actually awesome and impressive.


Homemade Oreos with Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling

Seattle got snow, like lots and lots of snow.  Like snow that wouldn’t stop falling from the sky.

Snow equals madness in this city, cars spinning out, buses stuck up on hills, and all schools closed.  I trekked out in the snow and walked to my various work sites on Wednesday and Thursday. Driving was not an option, unless you never want to see me ever again.  Please don’t tell me the truth.