5 Days in Cancun and Isla Mujeres

I must admit that when my parents first suggested meeting in Cancun during Easter I was not automatically sold on the idea.  My entire perception of Cancun centers around MTV Spring Break.  Back in the day my sister and I would spend Spring Break on the couch eating raw pasta watching teens go crazy in Cancun.  Cancun is for you to go loco, that’s all I understood about this foreign place.

But I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to spend time with my parents and the sun.  So on the plane I got and met my parents and two of their friends in the land of Cancun.  It didn’t take much to convince me that Cancun was it, it simply took walking into our room and seeing the view.  The Cancun beach is more than noteworthy; it expands infinitely with gorgeous turquoise waters and pristine white sand.

We spent several days getting a good dose of Vitamin D, which is always lacking in my life due to that one place I live in. There was also plenty of time in the ocean and out of the ocean drinking pina coladas.  Yes, life can be rough sometimes.

We did venture off and took a ferry to Isla Mujeres: a quaint island with another unspoiled beach.   I enjoyed stuffing myself with too much seafood.  This included helping my mom with the biggest lobster I have ever laid eyes on.   To recap: this lobster was alive when we walked in and in our tummies when we exited.  Out on the marina we were able to view the trap where they hold all of their lobsters.


We also spent a day in Excaret.  Excaret is a combination of nature park/zoo/water park/beach and more all rolled in one. I was impressed by the facilities and endless options of things to do.  I was most excited about their fish farms.  I can be geeky like that sometimes.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some sun and ocean don’t forget Cancun.  And most importantly, don’t forget to bring me with you.

I leave you with this final photo that is all encompassing of our trip and our outlook on Cancun.

Much love and next time, I will bring you actual food.


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